By David Marks

This is one of a series of pages helping you to identify what problem, pest or disease, which is causing problems with your tomato plant. If you want to start at the beginning click here. This particular page will hep you identify and treat problems which are visible on the leaves of your tomato plant. The most common problems are listed first.


Tomato blight

The likely symptoms are listed below in the order in which they normally occur:

  1. Small brown marks appear on the leaves which enlarge as the blight takes hold.
  2. Leaves on the lower part of the plant may well have light coloured patches of fungal infection on the undersides.
  3. Brown spots will then appear ….. Click here to read our comprehensive article on tomato blight.


Tobacco Mosaic Virus on tomato leaves

The symptoms are listed below in the order in which they normally occur:

  1. Small patches, lighter than normal green, brown and yellow appear on the leaves. These are the earliest symptoms.
  2. Those patches on the leaves described above have been taken over by the virus and a side-effect is that the leaves may appear to be smaller than normal. This is caused by the plants photosynthesis process being disrupted.
  3. The whole plant may also be slow to develop after infection and is often smaller and generally less healthy looking.
  4. Because this is a virus with no clear lifecycle it can infect the plant at any stage of its life. If fruit develop, their skins will have bronze coloured patches on them ….. Click here to read our full article about Tobacco Mosaic Virus


Nutrient deficiencies often show up first in the leaves of tomato plants. We explain the reasons behind three of the more common deficiencies, how to identify and then how to go about correcting them.
Click here for the full article on nitrogen, potassium and magnesium deficiencies in tomatoes.