How GardenFocused Funds Itself is a relatively minor website – at the time of writing the Alexa ranks us at number 1,129,558 of all the websites in the world. In more popular months the website will rank about 500,000 in the world. To put this into perspective, the RHS is ranked at 84,072 – we have a lot of room for improvement!We have certain fixed costs which are incurred to enable us to produce, run and maintain this website including research costs, website hosting, domain costs and several others.

In order to fund those costs, without passing them on to you as the viewer, we earn our money from advertising on the website and from affiliate schemes.

Our main source of income is from Google who place adverts on this website. Every time a viewer clicks on an advert (and hopefully makes a purchase) we earn a small amount of money (pennies only!).

Our secondary, more minor source of income, comes from affiliate schemes. Affiliates are direct (such as Northern Polytunnels) or via intermediaries (such as Tradedoubler). In these cases, when you click on a small number of the links out in this website and then continue on to make an external purchase, we earn a fee. This fee is a small percentage of the purchase price.