Variety Palmatum Nuresagi


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This is a spectacular Japanese Maple for the medium to large garden. Acer plamatum Nuresagi can reach 6m / 20ft in height in the correct conditions and it grows faster than most other Japanese Maples. It is spectacular as a centre piece in a lawn, truly beautiful. The tree itself is very upright with a nicely formed head of superb proportions. This is one of our favourites when grown in the correct setting. When the leaves emerge in spring they are a very deep purple sometimes tinged with a deep red. The veins running down the centre of the leaf lobes are a distinctive dark red. In autumn the leaves take on a more scarlet tone. This cultivar needs lots of space to expand and the soil conditions need to be correct if it is to grow well.

Picture of the Japanese Maple Nuresagi

This is not a tree for the first time grower because the soil needs be correct, slightly on the acid side and capable of holding lots of moisture.


Genus Acer

Species palmatum
Variety ‘Nuresagi’
Light Most conditions are suitable, some light is needed to ensure good leaf colour.
Hardy Yes
Soil Slightly acidic and well-drained
Height 6m / 20ft after 15 years
Spread 5m / 16ft after 15 years
Spread Very upright with a well formed head
Colour Deep purple in spring and summer, turning more crimson red in autumn
Colour No
Bonsai No


Leaf of acer palmatum Nuresagi
Click on the left hand picture to see the stunning colour of the leaves of acer palmatum Nuresagi. The leaves have five lobes which are at their largest in the middle. They then taper off sharply to a very fine delicate point. The individual lobes are finely serrated.Running down the centre of each lobe is a deep red vein. The stalks red as are the branches. However the branches and main stem often have thin white markings running along them.



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