Variety Palmatum Koko


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The history of acer palmatum ‘Koko’ is unknown being “rediscovered” by the Dutch firm Esveld who have marketed it with limited success over the last 20 years. When left un- pruned it will grow to around 5m / 16ft so is best suited to medium to large sized gardens.

When fully grown it is an impressive tree with dense foliage and an interesting domed shape.

Picture of Japanese Maple Koko

Throughout the seasons its leaf colour goes through significant changes. The immature leaf sprouts are green, quickly turning to an attractive dark pink as spring progresses. Pink turns to purple by mid-summer and in autumn the leaves turn to the traditional Japanese Maple bright crimson. At most stages the leaves contain random splashes of green as well as the base colour.


Genus Acer

Species palmatum
Variety ‘Koko’
Light Most levels of light suit Koko but some sun is needed to deepen the colours.
Hardy Yes
Soil Slightly acidic and well-drained
Height 5m / 16ft after 15 years
Spread 4m / 13ft after 15 years
Spread An upright Japanese Maple with a rounded head
Colour Bright pink to red to crimson
Colour No, too vigorous
Bonsai No


Green leaves of acer palmatum Koko
The leaves of Koko are long with six to eight lobes. The lobes are divided to half or three quarters of their length and serrated on the edges. The stalks remain green throughout the year. The tips are form sharp points giving them a very elegant appearance.

Red leaves

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