Variety Palmatum Englishtown


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Acer palmatum ‘Englishtown’, has in theory only one main advantage over other varieties of Japanese maple – its very slow growth rate. It is generally reported to grow to a height of only 0.5m / 20in in 10 years.The problem is that the slow growth rate does not appear to evidence itself in normal garden culture. One reason may be that many specimens are grafted onto more vigorous rootstock.

Picture of the tree

Englishtown grows in most conditions and forms a dense low rounded mound shaped maple, very similar to a largish shrub. It is reported to be good growing as a bonsai and in rockeries, but beware of the remarks made above about its eventual size. This variety falls within the dwarf group of acer palmatum.


Genus Acer

Species palmatum
Variety ‘Englishtown’
Light Semi-shade
Hardy Yes
Soil Most, but best slightly acidic and well-drained
Height 1m / 3ft after 20 years (see comments above)
Spread 1.5m / 4ft after 20 years (see comments above)
Spread Upright
Colour Greeny red to red
Colour No
Bonsai Yes (see comments above)

SUPPLIERS OF Japanese Maple Tree Englishtown
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