Veg Calendar Problems

Veg Calendar Problems / Solutions

The calendar saves your settings in what is called a cookie. This is a tiny file stored on your computer and can only be accessed by the website which put it there.A few people have cookies disabled on their computers which prevents any website from storing information on their computer concerning what occurred in the past. This also prevents GardenFocused from storing your calendar settings.

To check that this is the reason, you have two options:

1. Read up on the internet about cookies and check if you have them turned off or on.

2. A little less reliable, but will work in most cases, is to use another person’s computer / laptop / tablet / smartphone. Preferably someone who knows nothing about about computers because they are very unlikely to have to have cookies turned off.

Access the GardenFocused calendar, set the settings and view the calendar. Exit the website then go back in again. If your settings are now preserved then you know the problem is lack of cookie storage on your computer.

Another common reason that can cause this problem is if you use an ad blocker. This can prevent some data being stored on your computer. In some cases, previous settings can’t be recalled, in others it results in faulty information being used to calculate the calendar and frost dates. The solution is to turn the ad blocker off for GardenFocused.