Rose Index

By David Marks
The majority of gardeners have small or medium sized gardens and this set of articles is aimed 100% at them. We include patio roses for the smallest of gardens and also include other rose types which typically have a spread up to 1m / 3ft and height up to 1.5m / 4ft 9in.

All the information is presented in very easy to understand language so it is very suitable for novice gardeners as well as those with some experience of gardening.


We have devoted a large area of our allotment to growing roses. This enables us to present to you “real life” experiences of all aspects of growing roses. Our rose beds are in South Warwickshire so the weather conditions are about average for the UK. The soil is clay based which has been made slightly lighter by several previous years of improvement.


Our advice is totally, 100% impartial and independent. All the opinionsstated in these articles about roses are our own and without any influence fromexternal companies. Our rose page articles are a resource you can trust and theresult of our own extensive experience.

This series of articles about growing roses describes a wide range of subjects and these are shown below. Each page also has a menu entitled “MORE ABOUT ROSES” near the top of the page to enable you skip from page to page with ease.