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I’ll be honest, the recipe and cooking pages on this website are purely for my own use. They are a record of recipes which I have cooked and enjoyed more than once. If I cook to a recipe and don’t enjoy it, it won’t appear here!

I enjoy gardening and producing my own fruit, herbs and vegetables, but I’m no vegetarian or vegan, so don’t expect a set of vegetarian / vegan recipes. On the other hand, more fruit, herbs and vegetables appear in this set of recipes than many others, simply because I enjoy what I produce on my allotment.

As I start this recipe collection, only one recipe appears, others will be added as I get round to cooking them. I hope you enjoy browsing through them and may be even cook one or two. One thing you can be sure of is that I have personally cooked them all and enjoyed them all. This is no random selection of recipes, they have all been selected because of their taste, texture, appearance and ease of cooking.