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Your gardening calendar was originally designed only to include vegetables. Many however have asked us to include fruits as well.

Fruits are less time sensitive as far as maintenance and planting is concerned so the dates shown for them in your calendar are for broader time spans. Do take into account the following when including fruits in the calendar:

  • Reputable garden centres and online suppliers will supply specific advice about planting times, read their instructions carefully.
  • Care tasks such as mulching, weeding, pruning can often be undertaken a couple of weeks or more before or after the ideal times we suggest for your area.
  • For some fruits, pruning at the wrong time can damage the trees / plants. Most fruits will cope perfectly well if you miss one year’s pruning. If in doubt about the timing leave the task to next year but do remove any significantly damaged branches.
  • If in doubt about any task read the full article we have produced for each fruit. In most cases clicking on a task in the calendar will take you to the full article.


If you have any suggestions for improving this gardening calendar contact us and we will do our very best to help.