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This page is for readers in Pennsylvania US with towns that begin with the letter Q. We currently have no towns beginning with Q in Pennsylvania.

If your town begins with Q then send us an email using the form at the end of this page and we will do our best to include it. Please specify the state as well as the town / city.

    Your email address (optional),
    I will email you when town is added:

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    You can manually set the frost dates if you believe the dates we give are not appropriate for your town. Click here to choose a more appropriate frost date, then select Manual 1 (last frost = last week of March), Manual 2 (last frost = 2nd week April), Manual 3 (last frost = last week April), Manual 4 (2nd week May) or Manual 5 (end May / early June).

    After you have set your frost date, check it out by looking near the top right of this or any page in GardenFocused. If it’s set correctly then you know we have set all dates to suit your area. Occasionally your settings can get lost over time although this is unusual. If this happens then simply return to this page and reselect your town.


    There is no simple answer to this question. Click here for a detailed explanation of what this website uses as the last frost date.