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All the dates in this site have been adjusted for the area you live in, .

If you return immediately to a previously viewed page you may well need to refresh your browser for the change to take effect on that page.

We use five date zones for gardeners, your town is in zone . As an example of how the date changing works, test it out on the phrase below which corresponds to your current selection:

Start sprouting seed potatoes during the third week of February in the area.

Now examine the towns below, each of which is in a different zone, and you will see that the date for sprouting potatoes is different dependent on which zone the town is in.

St Austell, UK - zone 1 - the third week of January

Springfield, Illinois - zone 2 - the first week of February

Asheville, North Carolina - zone 3 - the third week of February

Toulon, Illinois - zone 4 - the first week of March

Alpena, Michigan - zone 5 - the second week of March

Your selected town is stored in a cookie so that when you next visit GardenFocused your town is automatically used again and again to show all planting, harvesting, sowing and care dates.

Use our free vegetable planner which is based on the weather in your area and you can select only the vegetables YOU are growing. It itemizes all planting, sowing and care dates in a week by week list so nothing is forgotten. Click here for the free online calendar.