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For viewers in Ireland (north and south), Scotland, Wales, or France, click here to go to the pages specially dedicated to frost dates in those countries. This page is for readers in England with towns that begin with the letter U. To adjust your dates, click a town from the list below. To select a town that does NOT begin with U, click here.

Start entering the name of of your town in the box below and if we have an existing match it will appear; click on it, then click the “CLICK HERE TO SET DATES TO SELECTED TOWN” box below. Do not submit your town using this form if it is not already on the list.

If your town begins with U and it is not in the list above then send us an email using the form at the end of this page and we will do our best to include it. Please specify the country (and the state if in the USA or Canada) as well as the town.

Only ask for your town to be added if you are sure that it is not in the list above.

After you have set your frost date, check it out by looking near the top right of this or any page in GardenFocused. If it’s set correctly then you know we have set all dates to suit your area of England.

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    You can manually set the frost dates if you believe the dates we give are not appropriate for your town. Click here to choose a more appropriate frost date, then select Manual 1 (last frost = last week of March), Manual 2 (last frost = 2nd week April), Manual 3 (last frost = last week April), Manual 4 (2nd week May) or Manual 5 (end May / early June).

    The map below shows the main weather zones in England, Wales and Scotland.


    Map of England, Scotland and Wales


    There is no simple answer to this question. Click here for a detailed explanation of what this website uses as the last frost date.